Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon are the productions of the artist Revo, with him being the only permanent member. This board is for related discussions from fans.
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。・ Mikuni Shimokawa ・。

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PostSubject: 。・ Mikuni Shimokawa ・。 Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:38 pm#1

~ Mikuni Shimokawa ~


.: Profile :.


.: Social media :.

Official page | Twitter | Blog | Instagram


Her debut was in the girl group Checkicco, and later in the girl band CHEE'S, however, her stay in said projects was short and she graduated from them in 1999 in order to start a solo career. She was also the vocalist of the band NapsaQ, where they covered j-pop songs.

Her debut single BELIEVER ~Tabidachi no Uta~ / Adrenalin is her best selling single so far. Despite of her huge talent, that success hasn't been repeated.

If you know or like Full Metal Panic! and Fairy Tail, you surely have heard her songs, since she's mostly known for those. One of her most remembered songs is "tomorrow" and pretty much the same applies to the rest of the songs used in FMP. As a curious fact, she had a minor seiyuu role in said series.  


  • [2000.03.01] 39
  • [2002.09.19] 392 ~mikuni shimokawa BEST SELLECTION~
  • [2004.11.24] Kimi no Uta
  • [2007.07.04] Sayonara mo Ienakatta Natsu
  • [2009.03.18] Heavenly

Besides of those albums, she also has many cover releases where she rearranges classic anime songs and even her own previous singles.

Cover albums:

  • [2003.12.17] Review ~Shimokawa Mikuni Seishun Anisong Cover Album~
  • [2006.03.15] Remember ~Shimokawa Mikuni Seishun Anisong House Album~
  • [2007.12.19] Reprise ~Shimokawa Mikuni Anisong Best~
  • [2008.03.19] 9 -Que!!- Shimokawa Mikuni Self Cover Album
  • [2010.07.21] Replay! ~Shimokawa Mikuni Seishun Anisong Cover III~

Some of those albums, and her recopilation ones, include dvd material with footage about her experiences in Korea and Taiwan, these clips allow us to see how close she's with her fans, and how she cries with her own lyrics.

Mikuni is noted for her sweet voice, and her encouraging lyrics and songs.

After her participation in Märchen and marriage, she hasn't been really active, and only assists to conventions as special guest from time to time. Despite of this lack of activity, she hasn't announced the end of her career, so there are chances of her coming back in the future.


I think it's important to know a little bit of information about the members that Revo chose for being part of his project, because this way we can get an idea or understand why he took that decision.

I always have had this idea: Revo makes good voices to sound even better. And I may be biased, but Mikuni is a great example of that. In the 7th story she sounds nothing alike to what she usually does, and shows a different side of her voice with this high notes and especially during the revenge part. But that's my opinion.

Now I would like to hear you: Did you know about Mikuni before Sound Horizon? Have you known other singers thanks to Revo?

In my case, 10 years ago I heard her song "tomorrow" thanks to a friend that liked the series back then, but I never had idea of who was the singer, and only knew it as "the opening for x anime". It wasn't until Sanhora that I searched and found out it was her all the time, I decided to give her a try and quickly she managed to be one of my favorite singers.

As for the second question. The short answer is yes, and it has also helped me to expand my musical vision.

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PostSubject: Re: 。・ Mikuni Shimokawa ・。 Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:09 pm#2

Oh my god, this is really pretty and informative! Good job!!

I actually DID NOT know that Mikuni sang "Tomorrow", but I've known that song for...years. Like, around 10 as well! This reminds me of when I found out Minami Kuribayashi did the Chrono Crusade opening which I had heard from all the way back then too...and hearing Mikuni's Cruel Angel's Thesis cover was really nice, thanks for sharing that!

So I would say I heard her voice, without even knowing it was hers before the 7th Story! Sound Horizon has definitely exposed me to more wonderful singers. I've known so many from before like Minami Kuribayashi, RIKKI, Mikuni, as well as seiyuus like Norio Wakamoto and Akio Ohtsuka. It's greatly expanded my horizons (hah) as now I know of other great singers that were in other releases. Thanks for making this, you're gonna make so many people go "OHH, I KNOW HER!" and it's a fun feeling to have!
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PostSubject: Re: 。・ Mikuni Shimokawa ・。 Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:59 am#3

I rarely follow any band or singer if ever, though I tend to have two or three songs if I like them enough. And I don't think I've listened to Mikuni before Sound Horizon (I never watched FMP, so it's a bit difficult) but I really like her voice and it's a pleasure to listen at her.

What I know of her is mainly thanks to you, but I can say that I've liked every song you have showed to me and I can understand why do you love her that much.

Thank you for sharing it with us!!!
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PostSubject: Re: 。・ Mikuni Shimokawa ・。 #4

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。・ Mikuni Shimokawa ・。

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