Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon are the productions of the artist Revo, with him being the only permanent member. This board is for related discussions from fans.
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Dream Port (Collaboration with Yuki Kajiura)

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PostSubject: Dream Port (Collaboration with Yuki Kajiura) Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:17 pm#1

Back in 2008, Revo organized a very special event. It was a joint concert with another composer, Yuki Kajiura, who happened to be a friend of his. To conmemorate the occasion, both of them composed together two songs as the theme songs for the event.

Later, said songs were published in a single format under the name of Dream Port (same than the name of the concert). As a curiosity, it is to date the only occasion in which Revo has published a single with only two songs: a vocal (砂塵の彼方へ・・・) and an instrumental (Sand Dream). But the single also includes a very special extra aside of the songs: a DVD with a recording of the first song's live performance.

So, what's your opinion on the single?

As far as collaborations go, this may be my ultimate favourite. But I am admittedly biased in this regard, as Sand Dream was the first Revo song I've ever listened.

It was back then I didn't know who Revo was. I just knew that I loved it and that Kajiura was in it. More so, it wasn't either the reason why I discovered Sound Horizon, as I'm not that much of a music person. However... I still remember my delight when I discovered that he was the creator of a song I loved so dearly and that is the kind of feeling that makes this particular work so dear to me.
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Port (Collaboration with Yuki Kajiura) Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:16 pm#2

One of my all-time favorite instrumental pieces has to be Sand Dream. This probably has a lot to do with me enjoying Kajiura's style of music and being a flute player, it was always an incredible piece to me. It's a very emotional piece with an ethereal feeling that makes me feel like a nomad traveling through a wondrous world, and I love everything about it. This was around the same time I knew some of Revo's other songs, but it's one of the things I loved after being introduced by the Bravely Default stuff.

I heard Sajin no Kanata e a bit later. I never liked it as much as the powerful instrumental version, but I always appreciated the cheerful, motivational sound and the overall feel of it is just wonderful. Revo and Yuki Kajiura collaborating was basically a dream come true, and I'm really happy Dream Port turned out the way it did!
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Port (Collaboration with Yuki Kajiura) Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:19 am#3

Sound Horizon's Revo and Kajiura Yuki would be considered a match made in heaven by some. The good news? We actually got it! Miracles can happen. The bad news? Well... The bad news is that it's so short. I'm actually completely opposite of the Ghost on this one, as I completely prefer the vocal version of this arrangement over the instrumental. And, despite not being an official part of Sound Horizon's library, there's a lot of insight into things when we listen to this. Call it fanfare, or call it clues, it matters not. There's nothing that can't be enjoyed when these songs come up when you hit shuffle.

While I very seldom go out of my way to hear this, it is always a pleasant surprise for me when it does come up.

La La La La La La La La La La...「私は愛した」

La La La La La La La La La La...「私は生きてた」
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Port (Collaboration with Yuki Kajiura) #4

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Dream Port (Collaboration with Yuki Kajiura)

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