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Tenshi no Chouzou [ENG]

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PostSubject: Tenshi no Chouzou [ENG] Tenshi no Chouzou [ENG] EmptySun Feb 22, 2015 4:20 am#1

Please note that translations of Sound Horizon can not be done without bias, as the Japanese is often left vague enough to have multiple meanings. You'll see a lot of that in the future. This is just important to get out of the way, even though I try to be neutral with things. It is simply impossible to capture perfectly a lot of what Revo is doing, as it's done with his own experience in a language that is very different from most.


The Sculpture of an Angel - 『Ange』

Known from the following generation onward as,【The one with the hands of God】――

Was the sculptor named 『Auguste Laurant』

Said to have disappeared in times of war, and to have reemerged with the return of peace.

Was cloaked in a veil of mystery, even now, a sculpture.

His peerless masterpiece,

『Ange』― it holds an uncovered [story] (Roman)...


"Giving life to the silent, cold stone.
This is merely arrogance, ideas accepted of the common folk.
Things are just simply the way they are, regarding my hands.
As if a kiss were planted upon their warmth, my imagination is given shape..."

The [Windmill] (Moulin à vent), while embracing the sky, keeps on spinning atop of the hill.
A workshop (Atelier) that silently stands as an unwelcoming silhouette.
He painted in isolation, while not so much as knowing the face of his child.

【A clever [design] (dessin) is not enough, what's missing is ―― To eclipse reality itself with [Imagination]】
「Ah... Light... Ah... I need more light...『Creation』 in other words, the grief of light...」

In spite of a lifetime oath that had been taken, he still visited the [monastery] (monastère)
Where he would listen to the laughter of the children from the other side of a wall...

"The [jewel] (stone) that you've gotten within your grasp now, it is very delicate. Don't ever let go of it, no matter what you may come across."
He painted in isolation, day after day, while not so much as knowing the [smile] (face) of his child.

【It is unnecessary to hold [regret] of the days gone by ―― Even illusions are prevented by [affection]】
「Ah... Light... Ah... I need more light...『Expiation』 in other words, the salvation of light...」

It matters not how much like a sage one may be**
They can never stop the flow of the sands of time.
The few grains left in his silver hourglass were almost depleted...

The mother's light served as a cost to light, in the world, a small 《flame》
The glimmering came to be hated as the foolish man's dying struggle...

He had spread the wings of imagination, and soon enough, the wings on the back of the 『Sculpture』 were spread as well.
―― 「Ah... I have nothing left to regret, as you've finally smiled at me」

"Everything is okay, Papa."

"I wonder if there's a story (Roman) over there?"

**Translator's Notes

1. The original lyrics are about one's own wisdom, but are reflected to take a deeper meaning within Roman itself. It is referencing the Savant, and how even if you should be as smart as he is, there is no thinking of a way out of inevitability.

La La La La La La La La La La...「私は愛した」
Tenshi no Chouzou [ENG] OiVRack
La La La La La La La La La La...「私は生きてた」
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Tenshi no Chouzou [ENG]

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