Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon are the productions of the artist Revo, with him being the only permanent member. This board is for related discussions from fans.
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What is Linked Horizon?

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What is Linked Horizon? Empty

What is Linked Horizon? Empty
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What is Linked Horizon? Empty

What is Linked Horizon? Empty
PostSubject: What is Linked Horizon? What is Linked Horizon? EmptyTue Feb 24, 2015 1:28 am#1

A common inquiry for people new(ish) to Revo's work: What is Linked Horizon? How is it different from Sound Horizon?

Formed in 2012, Linked Horizon is simply a collaboration group. This is a name Revo uses in the stead of Sound Horizon, so he doesn't feel the need to tie down these professional works with an overlying story. This is something that has happened with Sound Horizon in the past. Linked Horizon is not a default name for all of Revo's works outside of Sound Horizon, however.

Moon Pride, a song for the anime Sailor Moon Crystal, was composed by Revo, but does not hold the name Linked Horizon, like the Bravely Default and Shingeki no Kyojin releases. Linked Horizon songs are those more closely tied to Revo. This can create some confusion.

Within the past year, we have gotten releases under the names of Revo, Sound Horizon, and Linked Horizon. The easiest way to come to an understanding is to think of Sound Horizon as Revo's personal works that come from the heart and tie into his own story that he has been developing for over a decade.

Linked Horizon would create works that directly involve Revo in a more sincere way, but do not fit into his own story, they are collaborations with other artists. It is safe to assume that Revo has a great deal of control over releases under this name. Revo himself merely composed the song Moon Pride, and that was handled by completely different talent.

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What is Linked Horizon? OiVRack
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What is Linked Horizon?

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