Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon are the productions of the artist Revo, with him being the only permanent member. This board is for related discussions from fans.
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Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Forum Rules EmptySun Jan 04, 2015 1:25 am#1

Even if the idea of rules and regulations makes you cringe, this is definitely a must-read. Please follow all of the rules at all times.

  1. English will be the default language. You may provide translations in any language, or use other languages if you provide a translation of what you're saying, or at very least a summary of what you're getting at if possible. While everyone here is assumed to speak English, not everyone is as good at English as you may be. Strophe Horizon is a diverse community, and we work hard to respect that people have limits, but still deserve to have a voice.
  2. Respect all of the members at Strophe Horizon. This has been a bit of a concern with the Laurant community at large for some time now, that they aren't being respected or treated fairly. Please do your best to allow all who share your passion, be they new or old, to have the same positive experiences as you. There will be a zero-tolerance policy regarding this.
  3. Constructive criticism. Yes, this is another big one. You are free to post any theories that you may have. You are not free to attempt to defame someone else for taking advantage of this space to post their ideas. You can give criticism, so long as it is constructive. However, you may also request that someone does not tear into your theories in the post. This might seem silly to some members, but a lot of people have been left really nervous about posting any of their ideas at all, and I can not push enough that this is designed to be a safe space. There will be more on this in the appropriate section.
  4. SPAM (Stupid, pointless, annoying message) posts are naturally forbidden.
  5. There is almost never a need to double post. You can edit your past posts. It is frowned upon, but not exactly forbidden. Creation of a topic is neutral, and you may post right after your own insights, or bump a relevant thread with news, updates, or relevant discussion even if you are the last to post.
  6. Do not "Hijack" a thread. This means you are forbidden to change the topic of a thread from the original intentions. This includes staying on topic in general.
  7. Avatars should be around 150x300, with signature being around 500x200.
  8. This is more of an assurance than a rule, but it still needs to be said. There will be no nepotism. Should you have a positive, or even a negative past with a member of the staff, this will not be factored into any decisions made (including calls for new staff, and disputes that may arise).
  9. Please respect the subjects of our discussions, including those featured in Sound Horizon, Linked Horizon, or elsewhere. These are real people, after all. Once again, critique is acceptable, but disrespect is not.
  10. There will be no discrimination due to age, native language, or nationality. These things do not determine any merits here. How one portrays themselves is the only deciding factor in things.

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Forum Rules OiVRack
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Forum Rules

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