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Leviathan Impressions

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Leviathan Impressions Empty
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Leviathan Impressions Empty

Leviathan Impressions Empty
PostSubject: Leviathan Impressions Leviathan Impressions EmptySun Mar 01, 2015 2:07 am#1

Leviathan Impressions Image_Album_leviathan

Released in 2005, Leviathan: Shuumatsu wo Tsugeshi Kemono was released as one of the two image albums for other works Revo released in that year. It was made as an image album by the Leviathan manga by Eiji Ohtsuka and Yu Kanatani, featuring some new vocalists that have never collaborated with Sound Horizon before or after.

This album is particularly notable because it is the last work Aramary was involved in that related to Sound Horizon. It was also the first work RIKKi was a part of, well known for her roles in Roman and Seisen no Iberia. Another first was famous seiyuu Norio Wakamoto's involvement.

This album also featured voice talents from half-Japanese, half-Israeli Jazz signer Geila Zilkha and Sizzle Ohtaka. Despite being a largely forgotten album, several songs of Leviathan were reborn in Revo's Halloween Party in 2013, a surprising turn of events. Here is the track listing:

1. Opening Theme : March After Millennium
2. Episode 1 : Shuumatsu wo Tsugeshi Kemono ~ Henkyou Kara no Seikansha
3. Episode 2 : Haltozacar no Koibito ~ Shoujo Iwaku Tenshi
4. Episode 2 : Haltozacar no Koibito ~ Meltokia no Joou
5. Episode 3 : Yami no Shinshiroku ~ Shoukan Toiu Gishiki
6. Episode 3 : Yami no Shinshiroku ~ Shikeishikkou
7. Episode 4 : Nakushimono ~ Voodoo no Shinzou
8. Episode 5 : Day Dream ~ Satsuki no Hakoniwa
9. Episode 5 : Day Dream ~ Suna no Shiro
10. Ending Theme: The Beast of the Endness

My question to you--what do you think of the Leviathan album? Did you like seeing it brought back in the Halloween Party segments on the bonus CD of the Assorted Horizons?
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Leviathan Impressions

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