Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon are the productions of the artist Revo, with him being the only permanent member. This board is for related discussions from fans.
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The Beginning of Strophe Horizon

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PostSubject: The Beginning of Strophe Horizon Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:32 pm#1



-::The Beginning of Strophe Horizon::- 

Strophe Horizon was created on January 3rd, 2015 and was officially opened on (it's not opened yet) as a fan forum for Revo's works in both Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon.

 Our Message

An Introduction:
Strophe Horizon is first and foremost a place for kinship, forming bonds, and healthy, welcoming discussion. We are a small, but ever-growing community that seeks to improve what some consider a fragile community with a new sense of unity, all without petty drama or disputes. Everyone from all walks of life would be welcome here with open arms. Many of our members are shy as it is, but are willing to open up the the very idea of such a place.

A Disclaimer:
There is no bias against other online communities here, such as Tumblr, Twitter, VK, Facebook, White Crow, or any other community. Plenty of our members are also signed up for other mediums or communities. There is no discrimination or malice within the creation of Strophe Horizon, as that would go against the very purpose of this place.

 Our Goals

1- Forming a welcoming environment, open to all.
2- Creating a safe space for theories, discussion, and more.
3- Expanding into an active, stable community.

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The Beginning of Strophe Horizon

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