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Ceui \(^∇^)/

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PostSubject: Ceui \(^∇^)/ Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:31 pm#1

~ Ceui ~


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Ceui is known for her anime and videogame songs. Since a young age she has been in contact with music, her mother was a piano teacher and that caused her to learn how to play this instrument. She was also interested in literature and writing her own verses, actually her degree is in Japanese literature. After working as indie, and offering herself to compose music for stores, her major debut under Lantis was in 2007 with the single Madoromi no Rakuen.

Despite of those years of being active, she didn't release any PV, and it wasn't until her fourth album and latest album that we could see them from her part.

It's known that she's friends with LiSA and Kanon Wakeshima, and assists to their concerts. Haruka Shimotsuki and nao have worked with her too.

She likes to include "(^∇^)" and any variation of it in almost all her tweets, it even is in the title of one of her songs. Also she has her own ways for saying thank you and greetings, for example, she won't reply with "Arigato", rather, she will write "Aridora", for "Konnichiwa" it will be "Konnichidora".

Ceui composes her own songs, and I find really interesting that after working with Revo, her albums Labyrinthus was recorded as a story, and divided in chapter; besides that, she dared to release a 14 minutes song that contains drastic changes of music and also tells a story, something that never happened in her previous works. After that, another 13 minutes song was included in one of her latest albums. 


And here is my second apport. I hope you find it interesting!

Now the usual questions: Did you know about Ceui before Sound Horizon/Linked Horizon? Do you think Revo has influenced her work?

I'm a huge fan of Faylan -everything started shortly after her debut-, who has also been part of anime and other media themes. She's also under Lantis, and in one of the best albums for certain videogame, Ceui was also included. I listened to the album for Faylan reasons, but that was also my first contact with Ceui. I have to mention that thanks to that type of releases, I've known other singers, like Rita or yozuca*, and I follow them after that. But returning to the topic, being honest, I really didn't like Ceui's song back then, and now that I've listened to everything she has released so far, that particular song is still one of my least favorites... So no wonder why I didn't bother in searching more of her time ago. But again, with Sanhora that changed, and I gave her a second chance, I was truly surprised by her other themes and gosh, a sweet voice that fits perfectly with that angelical music.

I personally think Revo indeed changed her compositions, maybe Ceui liked the way music and stories can mix -given her degree, it was easy to expect-, and she did her own after seeing how it was possible. Those 10+ minutes songs, even with all those changes, totally have her own style, but it's really nice to notice that influence.
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PostSubject: Re: Ceui \(^∇^)/ Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:43 pm#2

Once again great job!! I feel like I learned a lot, again! I didn't hear of Ceui before her work with Revo, but she seems like an incredible, super smart talent. It's super interesting that she has a literature degree and composes her own songs--these are very, very rare things indeed!

I loved her role as Idoko a lot, and I really, really loved her stuff for Linked Horizon as well. Her voice really stood out to me and I'm quite glad to know more about her! I think Revo has very much influenced her! The vast difference between her before and after Sound Horizon is proof enough. The idea of telling stories through music without the constraints of genre or other musical conventions seems to have carried over for her, and that's excellent for her expression as an artist!

And now I know why you chose Sorau as your name too! Thanks for sharing~ <3


I'm going to have to make an edit to this post. Listen to the 14 minute song linked called Hana ni Natta Shounen no Shinwa, it's REALLY REALLY GOOD AND IF YOU LIKE SOUND HORIZON THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU SHOULDN'T LISTEN TO IT
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PostSubject: Re: Ceui \(^∇^)/ Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:55 pm#3

I actually didn't know about Ceui that well before Sound Horizon, and to be fair I didn't appreciate her contributions to Sound Horizon until a bit later on. Her performance was the odd-ball one, and it took awhile for me to even make any sense of it, but oh my God, it made me love her after things started to make sense for me.

She has a whole lot of talent, on top of being rather educated. With so many people in the music industry as a whole with little talent other than being born with an approved talent type, I can see a lot to love about Ceui. While I wouldn't go too far as to say I would invest in seeing her solo, I would love to see her perform live for Sound Horizon at some point in my life. I'd especially love to see her work off of Jimang, since they both have a lot of charisma alone, and could really benefit from one another.

I have to agree with the Ghost that Revo's unique sort of take on music has helped her evolve. I don't think she's trying to change, rather, she's realized that the whole world is in front of her, and it shows with her changed and varied songs that have come after. I'm almost motivated enough to translate some of her songs, but I'm too lazy to even translate Sound Horizon stuff most of the time. Perhaps in the future if a song really speaks to me.

La La La La La La La La La La...「私は愛した」

La La La La La La La La La La...「私は生きてた」
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PostSubject: Re: Ceui \(^∇^)/ #4

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Ceui \(^∇^)/

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